Talking Points for Moms after Watching Smurfs – The lost village

This movie may prove to be a stopover for moms looking for a movie without any concealed negative messages.

Here are three pieces of cautionary advice before we move ahead and deliberate over what are the good points of the movie that can be discussed over the dining table or at bed time with your little ones.

Not for you if you are:-

  • A father and husband with anti-feminist opinions
  • Overthinkers
  • Either of the above two categories

Smurfs – the lost village is a giant leap in providing the due share to ‘yin’ in animated movies. However, earlier Smurfs have been scoring poorly on that account as there was one female character among five blue-dyed protagonists. Smurfette (the ‘she’ character) was brought into the all-male Smurf world to create chaos by goofy loony villain Gargamel. Indian soaps are not to be blamed alone for establishing women character as ‘chaos causing’. I had warned you earlier it is not for overthinkers.

Smurfette had a heart transformation. She turned from evil to good and instead of becoming an enemy, became an ally to Smurfs much to the dismay of Gargamel. Her heart changed and so did her hair from dark brown to blonde. Hey! Has this something to do with creating color biases like dark is evil, light is good. Am I overthinking?

In ‘Lost village’, Smurfette is on a mission. She muscles girl-power with grit and gumption. The story is about courage, team work and self-discovery. It also emphasizes on ‘he can do’ so ‘she can do’. We have been talking about ‘Beauty and the Beast’ having a feminist undertone. If ‘Beauty and the Beast’ can be defined as crooning of feminist songs then this movie of Smurfs and Smurfette belts out that song. Moms with daughters will enjoy this movie because of a strong ‘she- character’ who is curious, fearless and who is on a mission to find her identity.

Anyways let’s come down to the point. The talking points that moms can take up with kids after watching Smurfs – the lost village can be:

  1. What is so ‘unique’ about you?  

Welcome to the small world of Smurfs, full of slapsticks. There is a unique quality in each of them and so they are named after that unique attribute like

Hefty Smurf: He is strong and can do any work that requires physical strength.

Brainy Smurf: His name explains it all. He is an expert on every subject. He also has compiled volumes of books entitled “Quotations from Brainy Smurf”.

Sometimes children do get into the comparison mode and think what the other has is better or best. They lose sight of their own uniqueness.

Remember the story of the turtle “Jojo’ who was unhappy and wanted to be someone else. He takes the form of other animals to realize at the end that he is unique and learns to be happy with what he is.

This movie can be a good talking point on how everyone is unique. Its uniqueness of each individual that completes the world. Smurfette is feeling different and unworthy so she sets out to find her unique identity. Tell your little about his unique gift like ‘hey dear, you are good at playing cricket.’


  1. Courage: Smurfette and her team goes into the ‘forbidden forest’. They exhibit courage in following the mysterious map. In everyday life, we are faced with challenges and we have two choices every day, one to avoid that and cringe back. Second, is to face them and tame our fears. The movie explicitly shows how to face the challenges.
  2. Teamwork: It was team work of Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty and Smurfette that made the mission possible and they were able to outpace and outwit the rotten-teeth Gargamel. And yes, only evils have rotten teeth. That’s why mama tells you to brush twice daily.
  3. Gender roles: If your preschooler son has this notion that guns are for boys and dolls are for girls, make sure you take him to this movie.thQ3O2LG8W


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