Environmental Awareness Must Start Early!


Our callousness towards nature has started to show its consequences. The sinister smog has swathed our cities and its smutty grip is choking our children with lungfuls of polluted air. If the recent stats are anything to believe then air pollution has caused 9 million deaths so far, which is 16% more than the deaths caused by AIDS.

There is a very short movie running on TV these days in which two children with sunken eyes are sitting over a dining table with their parents who looks equally worn out. They have run out on their oxygen kits and they are being scolded by their mother for not using the oxygen kits frugally. When you watch something like this, a very enervated fear sinks inside. What kind of future are we leaving behind for our children?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj1eP7JP1KM

We are moving towards a future where oxygen would be bottled and sold! Something very similar to what happened in Lorax (film), greed of one man named Once-ler destroys every Truffula tree. Ted Wiggin is a little boy who lives in a plastic city where everything is artificial and oxygen is sold in sealed bottles. The story traipses around finding the ‘last seed’ to plant a real tree which can give oxygen free of cost.

I have watched this movie many a times with my little one. It trundles across a very serious message of utmost importance to small viewer i.e. to plant trees, love them and do not take them for granted lest they get guzzled down by greed. We would be left to buy bottled oxygen. Are we the only creatures surviving on oxygen?

There are a few other animated movies which I believe are worth watching with your kids if you want to nurture environmental awareness among them. Here, I give the list of 5 such movies!


Over the Hedge

This will leave you and your little one rolling over with laughter, jokes are packed in every pixel. It’s a story of a mischievous raccoon and his friends. Ken Fox of TVGuide.com described the movie this way: “A sly satire of American ‘enough is never enough’ consumerism and blind progress at the expense of the environment.”

Upon waking up after hibernation, a group of forest animals discover that a tall hedge has appeared out of nowhere, half their forest is gone, they have little to no food left. They have one option: go over the hedge and get food from the humans!



What will happen when Earth is nothing but a heap of garbage? WALL-E is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. WALL-E, with his habit of picking up everything he finds interesting, lives alone on the planet with a pet cockroach. He has quite a collection of things, from lighters to a working iPod and even a small ring box (without the ring). He even has the last living plant.


Happy Feet

Happy Feet, the animated film about dancing penguins in the Antarctic. Man’s wasteful ways have endangered the Antarctic and its inhabitants. The movie is full of eye catching sequences and a delight to watch the singing-dancing penguins. This is a story of Mumble who has a terrible singing voice but has talent for something that none of the penguins had ever seen before: tap dancing


Disney Nature’s Oceans

Though a bit subtler than some of the other films on this list, Oceans still makes an impact. The film explores the underwater world that covers three-quarters of our planet. While it spends much of its time depicting the weird, wonderful and beautiful life forms that the oceans have to offer, the documentary doesn’t miss its chance to show the negative effects human actions can have on wildlife and urges viewers to respect nature.


Free Willy

The movie is laced with strong environmental messages. It features a young boy who befriends a recently captured orca whale in a local aquarium/amusement park. The boy, Jesse, and the whale, Willy, bond, but Willy is in danger because he doesn’t perform tricks well and therefore doesn’t earn much money for the park. The park owner threatens to kill Willy, so Jesse decides to release the whale into the wild.